Akiyama-san no Tori Life

Name: Akiyama-san no Tori Life

Alt name: Akiyama’s Bird Life; 秋山さんのとりライフ

Author: Tsuda Nanafushi

Genre: Slice of Life

Chapter nameUploaded
Chapter 8: Birdwatching Close to the City4 January 2024
Chapter 7: Autumn Hawk Festival (Part 2)19 November 2022
Chapter 6: Autumn Hawk Festival (Part 1)19 November 2022
Chapter 5: Birdwatching on A Rainy Day12 August 2022
Chapter 4: Challenge! Manual Focus!20 March 2022
Chapter 3: Let’s Go See The Flycatcher!23 November 2021
Chapter 2: Let’s Go See The Kingfisher!07 November 2021
Chapter 1: Let’s See The Peregrine Falcon!21 October 2021