Video Dump


Sometimes there are text where you need an outline (most of the time white). Just follow the video above, it should be the same as well for Photopea.

Cut-off Text

This is not that common, but not that uncommon either. It’s a bit confusing so try to follow the video guide, and if you need read the instructions bellow.

  1. Typeset the word/phrase normally.
  2. Find the “Add Raster Mask” button at the bottom right of the screen. It should look like a Japan/Bangladesh flag.
  3. Make sure you select the correct text layer before you add the raster mask. Once you have done so, a white box next to your text layer (at the right hand side) sohould appear.
  4. Click on that right box. Switch to brush tool (shortcut B). Choose colour black (RBG 000). Proceed to erase any part you do not want.

If you need clarifications for anything just DM me.

Curved text

Simply follow the instructions in the video. If any clarification is needed, DM me.