Kuma-san Makes a Tunnel

2 thoughts on “Kuma-san Makes a Tunnel

  1. Hiiiiiii !!!!! thank u sooo much for doing such great quality scanlations of such amazing series ^V^ i always look forward to them
    I read in the one of the chapters of sugar dog that u might consider a request so i decided i might try and ask 🙂
    so the name of the manga is Noah’s Notes and it’s a really interesting one with a nice theme and beautiful characters but unfortunately the official translation is upto 8 chapters and the unofficial one is till chapter 11
    while i did find the raws online unfortunately i can’t read japanese so i had to give up
    please try the series and who knows u too might find it interesting

    1. Thanks for reading! If you’d like to request a manga, feel free to join our discord and place it in our #manga-suggestions channel! We get quite a few requests so it helps to have all the suggestions in one place and it increases chances of other members of the scans team to see the request and maybe even pick it up!

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